Lillie West

Lillie started doing CrossFit in 2012 and was instantly drawn to the competitiveness and challenge that each movement and workout presents.

Before discovering the sport of CrossFit, Lillie was a standout athlete in her hometown playing softball, basketball and golf. Throughout her career she received many accolades including a write up in “Sports Illustrated”. Lillie’s passion for sports led her to Southern Nazarene University where she continued her success as an All American Golfer and standout Basketball player. She loves coaching and has taught golf for the past 10 years through personal clinics and had the opportunities to coach Junior USA basketball teams overseas. Lillie uses that experience to help instruct others on their way to a fitter, healthier life.  Her love for CrossFit and people radiates through her engaging personality and smile. She loves the community that CrossFit builds and is a strong believer that CrossFit is for ANYONE.

Lillie is originally from Davenport, Oklahoma where she is one of 8 children. She received a bachelors in Physical Education at Southern Nazarene University.  She now lives in Midwest City.

  • Owner
  • Crossfit Level 1 - Trainer