Cooper James

Cooper James Long grew up in Midwest City, Oklahoma with his 8 siblings. He was born as a pure breed miniature but lives a GIANT’s life. He is no stranger to adapting to his surroundings. Cooper spends most of his days on high alert hunting squirrel.

“CrossFit has changed my ability to hunt these animals, it provides me with the endurance needed to stay on the prowl, the agility to chase them down, and the power to launch myself in whatever direction is needed to get a hold of these furry creatures. CFC West has become my 2nd home, my crossfit family has taken me in as an equal, and they show me the kind of kindness and attention that we all long for.”

Things you need to know about Cooper:

He works out bare foot                
His best friend is a weenie
He likes big mutts
His favorite crossfit movements are the box jumps and sprints
He’s still a momma’s Boy even though he is 36 years old

  • CrossFit Complete West CEO
  • Director of Operations
  • CrossFit Certified Water boy
  • Director of First and Second Impressions