Bootcamp. World's Best Bootcamp.

     I had heard the announcement and seen the posters on facebook for it, but it wasn't for me. I already go to Crossfit Complete West (the best box in America). I'm doing this 2 times a week, why would I need another workout program? This thought quickly changed when I decided to attend Bring a Friend Day.
Once I saw the support and encouragement that came from both the commanders and current troopers, I knew I had to be in the next camp!
     After putting it off for a few more days, I finally signed up. I felt pretty in shape, but opening day kicked my butt! The commanders don't mess around! And then they started talking about diet! I thought I had a moderately healthy diet, but apparently fast food and bagels didn't make the cut. I needed more green leafy veggies and to increase my protein intake. I decided I needed to be fully committed to this thing, though! I begin to research more in depth how to have a clean diet.

     The first week in class, we were asked the question "What are you stronger than?". I jokingly said Netflix because I didn't want to admit that I wasn't stronger than myself. I've always struggled with self image and feelings of inadequacy. I get frustrated because my goal isn't met within a week, so I'll just give up. I feel like others are stronger and faster, so why am I trying? I'll never be as great as them. This mindset has trapped me and held me back from so much in life. I was always starting and stopping diets and workouts based on these feelings. I was still going to crossfit, but not giving it much effort like I should have been. I felt myself slipping back into these old patterns when I applied for WBBC.

     I finally had to accept the fact that I'm the one holding myself back; the one who allows my emotions to dictate my food intake, the one who neglects work outs, the one who stops myself from finishing the full mile. Needless to say, boot camp was the reality check I have needed for awhile! The classes were pretty intense, but it soon got to where twice a week wasn't enough! The teamwork and encouragement that comes from everyone is what keeps you going and moving forward. We all stayed connected during the week through our Facebook group.

It's much easier to overcome temptations and struggles when you have a family who is facing the same thing!

     I had some goals going into boot camp. Obviously, personal health was one. I lost several inches and pounds of fat, but what I gained was equally as important!

     Another goal was friendship and motivation. I found both through the awesome troopers! I was so inspired by their stories and dedication! This, coupled with the encouragement from the commanders every step of the way, made this one of the best experiences of my life. Not only did I transform physically, but emotionally and mentally as well! I could now start to see changes in my body and my attitude towards myself!

     There's a quote in the bathroom at the gym. It says "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with someone." I had read this several times but never quite grasped it's meaning until I saw it displayed every day in the troopers!

     While we all bring our own backgrounds and personal struggles to the camp, it's our unique strengths and personalities that make us stronger together! I highly suggest this camp to anyone! Whatever your goals are, this camp has the ability to help you reach them!

Stronger together! Troop 12!